How to get there



Located in the city center of Dakar, Dakysushi is a good spot for all sushi lovers. The spot is very cool and trendy. The owners are young welcoming folks always ready to impress you.

Les repas

When it comes to sushi, you have to be careful. (well with all seafood). Its very hard to find decent sushis at decent prices; When i went to try it out i was with my lovely friend Karelle, (She was recently named best blogger in Senegal),  check out her amazing blog here “gourmandises de karelle” . So they knew we were coming and the pulled out the big guns obviously  and men it was good. Even Karelle which is not a big fan of sushi was finally convinced! (MAZELTOV)

Notre revue

I definitely think its a good spot to try ! Their sushis are good,( not a big fan of cream cheese in some of them but hey! )their major plus is with their prices. It is very reasonable compared to the competition. You should definitely tried it out. let us know what you think on our facebook page. ITADAKIMAAAASU!

Salmon lovers