The Cakeshop

Located in the heart of Downtown, the cakeshop is a charming little spot with a charming owner. You will feel the warmth of the place just by entering it and looking at the simple yet beautiful decoration and ambiance.

The Food

The cakeshop has a variety of delicious cakes. Pistaccio, almonds, strawberries, of course chocolate etc. They also have fresh smoothies and delicious Salad if you are on the diet side of things. But like the sign says, life is short! Eat a cupcake. (And men they are good!)

Our Review

I really enjoy my time when i am at the cakeshop. Ray (the owner) will make sure you are being taken care of. She’s been dreaming of opening this little cafe since she was a child. You can feel all the love from the meals you will be eating there!